Our vision is about empowering people by giving them freedom and control over their health and time. 

The problem is our community‚Äôs healthcare needs are changing. Patients are increasingly turning to alternative healthcare options not limited to just simply accessing medical information online. And on the surface, it may seem healthcare professionals are resistant to moving away from the traditional model of healthcare services. 

This creates an unchartered space for both patients and healthcare providers. A space where patients are left to navigate a wealth of health information without safe effective guidance and a lack of alternative health models utilising technology to better serve patients and also their carers. 

One of the concerns health professionals have is the disruption to continuity of care to patients. 

Continuity of care can be seen as the effective communication between healthcare services in working together with a patient to help them better manage their health. 

Fragmentation of care is not necessarily the introduction of non traditional online healthcare services but more how our community and healthcare providers utilise and incorporate these services. 

Patients are already unknowingly fragmenting their own healthcare because of the rigidity of the outdated current healthcare system. They attend multiple healthcare providers who do not necessarily share healthcare information. They look for unregulated misguided medical information online. We see increased frustration from patients and doctors and also an increasing burden on carers as our population ages.

We, at POPS, are working towards reformulating healthcare into a more effective shared management model. To enable healthcare professionals to support their patients to be more proactive about their health, make appropriate, safe and informed medical decisions and also giving them flexibility to access, control and manage their own healthcare. 

Unfortunately there will always be a small number of people who misuse medical systems no matter how innovative or traditional the service. We should see this not as a hindrance but rather an opportunity for improvement and reinvention; an opportunity for us to improve strategies to help safeguard and minimise misuse.

Join us to support a healthcare system that will be amazing not just for ourselves but also for our parents and our future generations to come. POPS is just the beginning. lets 'POP' together.

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Our mission is to be rolling out a series of healthcare products and devices that will ultimately change your life and relationship to healthcare.