What is POPS?

POPS stands for personalised online presecription service. An app that helps you order your prescriptions and medications with ease and not waiting queue at the medical centre. Our vision is to empower people by giving them freedom and control over their health and time. 

What are the different types of delivery services?

There are 3 delivery service options you can select:

1. Have your script posted to you via Australia Post
2. Have your script faxed and posted to your preferred pharmacy
3. Have your medication dispensed at a POPS pharmacy for you to personally pick up
4. Have your script and medication dispensed by our POPS pharmacy and delivered to you via two methods:

First method: Australia Post registered express delivery
Second method: POPS courier delivery within the same day (for scripts requested before 2pm)

What are the different services POPS provides?

POPS allows you to request a prescription for your regular medications through an Australian registered doctor. You can choose to just have your prescription approved and the script posted to you or to your pharmacy of choice.

You can also choose to have your prescription approved and the medication dispensed and delivered to you without you having to visit your pharmacy (or even getting out of your seat!)

You can choose to keep the repeats of your prescription with our POPS pharmacy or have your repeats posted to you via Australia Post.

In the future our plan to provide you a service that looks after all your pharmacy needs.

What are the benefits?

The keys benefit are:

- Saves you time and money not having to go into the medical centre see your GP for a script, where you may experience delays with other appointments, parking, transportation, travel and being in a room with many other sick patients.

- Imagine not needing to go into a medical centre to see a doctor for a prescription of your regular medications?

- POPS allows you to request prescriptions for your regular medications at your finger tips via our app and have the prescription approved and medications delivered to you whilst you continue living your life. Be it at work, at home or anywhere.

- You would not need to arrange time to schedule an appointment, wait within a room with sick patients or miss out on your short lunch break.

- You won't even miss your regular medications for days whilst you try to fit in a doctor's appointment. For example if you are on the contraceptive pill

- Let us help you live your life to the fullest, be proactive about your healthcare. We prioritise your health so you don't have to.

What happens if I choose to keep my repeats with the POPS pharmacy?

If you choose to keep your repeats with the POPS pharmacy, you will be able to request using your repeat without requesting a new script.

Our 'Use Repeat' option then allows you to request for the medication to be dispensed and delivered to you by your preferred method.
You will only be charged for the medication and delivery costs when you use your repeat prescription.

Once all of your repeats have been filled, you will no longer be able to use the 'Use Repeat' option but will need to request a new prescription.

What does it cost?

To request a prescription from POPS cost $25 and medication costs will be in addition to the prescription.
Depending on the delivery method it will vary in the cost. See below:

Order type: Prescription ONLY       
- Prescription fee        $25
- Australian post fee        $5
- Pick up at your preferred pharmacy fee   $5
- Pick up at POPS pharmacy        $0

Order type: Prescription + MEDICATION (NEW)       
Prescription fee        $25
Australian post fee        $5
Express courier fee        $15
Pick up at pharmacy fee (POPS PHARMACY ONLY)        $0

Order type: Prescription + MEDICATION (REPEAT ORDER)       
Prescription fee        $0
Australian post fee        $5
Express courier fee        $15
Pick up at pharmacy fee (POPS PHARMACY ONLY)        $0